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Behaving Well in School

In order for children to learn the responsibilities of being part of a community and a good citizen, all staff have a constant expectation of high standards of behaviour from pupils.
We always try to give praise for good behaviour, and also emphasise that this benefits the school as a whole.
The school has a positive system of rewards including verbal praise, Person of the Week, house points, stickers and the Head Teacher’s Award.
School rules are displayed in all classrooms, and underline the policy that living in a community means everyone has a role to play in making that community a good place for all. 
There is a Behaviour Policy which is available at school or on our website, and this includes our procedure for dealing with the rare instances of bullying.
We are committed to ensuring Equality of Opportunity for all within the school community, and to countering discrimination in any form.
We promote a positive tolerant attitude to the diverse society in which we live and work. 
We ask for your support in our expectation of high standards. You will have regular reports on your child’s behaviour as part of the reporting system, and we will contact you if we have any concerns. 


Click here to view our full behaviour policy