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We feel that homework can be a valuable tool when it is used to effectively support the children’s learning and progress and to encourage them to take ownership of their learning. We are mindful of setting tasks that will have the greatest impact on the children's learning in class. Therefore homework will focus on the basic skills that enable children to access the learning in class with greater confidence and fluency. 


Tasks will include:


  • daily reading practice
  • times tables practice or mental maths skills
  • spelling practice


Each year team will inform parents of the specific learning that needs to take place for their children and any strategies that will help parents support their child at home. 


At times, when particular topics are being studied, teachers may decide to set longer-term projects for the children to complete alongside the regular practice of basic skills. 


We are always keen to hear about children's independent learning at home so if they have produced any other work linked to their learning at school we would love to see it and share it with the class.



There are links to useful websites available in the children's section of this website.