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Caring for your child

We try to give each child a level of care which helps him/her to feel secure and confident. We try to listen, to praise when we can and to provide necessary support. 


If your child becomes unwell at school, or has an accident, they are referred to the School Office, or Senior Supervisor and care is given. Using the information you give us on the Emergency Contact Form, we will always try to contact you if the illness or accident is either serious or is causing your child acute distress. If we fail to find you and the situations warrants it, your child will be referred on to either the family GP, Practice Nurse or to hospital care. The child is always accompanied on these rare occasions, and we always continue to make every effort to contact you.


If your child is unwell please keep them at home and inform the school office. Children must not return to school after sickness or diarrhoea for a minimum of 24 hours.


Medicines in school

If your child has medicine prescribed by the Doctor, but in the Doctor’s view is fit to come to school, then we will administer medicine providing that you complete an Administration of Medicines Form which can be obtained from the school office or downloaded (please see below).
Please note that medicines may not be kept in classrooms or in cloakrooms; please take them straight to the School Office so that they can be stored safely. As an alternative you are very welcome to come to school to give medicine to your child yourself. Non prescribed medication must not be sent in to school.


We would like to be told if your child has any medical condition which might occur at school, such as migraine, acute allergies etc.


If your child is asthmatic, you are offered the choice of either asking us to supervise the use of his/her inhaler as described above, or to have your child totally responsible for their own dosage and safe keeping of their own inhaler. Please let us know your choice.