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School Uniform

The School colours are maroon, pale blue and grey. We believe that wearing school colours can give a sense of identity to the school, and that it can help pupils feel they ‘belong.’ We ask that you support this policy.

There are no official stockists, and most items can be bought from major chain stores as well as local shops.

Items available from the School Office are: maroon book bags embroidered with the school logo and T-shirts in house colours. Maroon sweatshirts and polo shirts with the school logo can only be obtained from Skoolkit in Fareham. 

In winter the uniform consists of maroon jumpers, cardigans or sweatshirts worn over pale blue shirts or blouses, or polo shirts, and with grey or black trousers or skirts/pinafore dresses. In summer, it consists of pale blue short sleeved polo shirts which may be worn with trousers, shorts or skirts in the same colours as for winter. Girls may wear pale blue gingham dresses.


School Houses:

The four School Houses are: 

Osprey Red      
Sparrowhawk Yellow  
Buzzard Blue  
Kestrel Green  


Games and P.E. Kit

All children will need this kit right from the time of entry. For indoor work, T-shirt in the appropriate house colour (available from the school office) and navy sports shorts. 

Outdoor games lessons need warm outer clothing such as a track suit or sweatshirt, and suitable footwear such as trainers. 

Children are asked to keep their P.E. kit in school at all times. 


Please avoid the more extreme hairstyles as these are not suitable for school.
We prefer enclosed black shoes as school footwear.
Trainers are only suitable for games and P.E. lessons.
Children may not wear earrings due to safety considerations. Small studs are acceptable. These should be taken out for P.E. If this is not possible please provide tape to cover. Please avoid rings as they are easily lost.
Please remember that the school cannot be responsible for missing items, so expensive jewellery/watches are best left at home.