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Sports Premium Report for 2014 – 2015

Sports Premium Report on Funding Impact 2014-2015 and Planned Spend 2015-2016


Our school received £9800 in the academic year 2014-2015.


As a school we decided to spend £8600 to Fareham School Sports Partnership in order to employ specialist PE teachers to work alongside staff two afternoons each week. The additional funding has been used to purchase PE equipment in order to facilitate the lessons to a high standard.

The impact from specialist teachers working with our staff has been increased subject knowledge for teachers alongside improved confidence and competence. Staff have been able to observe the specialist teachers teaching but also teach alongside them thus refining their own skills. Long and medium term plans have been modified to reflect this new competency which will improve future PE provision. Pupils have been very positive about this enhanced provision and the learning they are benefiting from.

All children have benefited from this provision but it has also allowed us to target any children who show a particular, talent, gift or passion for a particular sport. This has inspired and enthused the children and take up has been high. There has also been increased participation, and success, at inter school competition level. Children have taken part in national school games competitions in basketball, netball, bench ball, swimming, badminton and quad bikes.

An additional benefit from the Sports Partnership has been the provision of a wider variety of after school sports clubs throughout the year being led by qualified coaches. Clubs which have been made available have been - badminton, fitness, cross country, football and tennis. The clubs are an aspect of school life that the children are particularly proud of when asked about their school. 


Due to the success of these actions we intend to carry them out again in the year 2015-2016.


The benefits to the school, its teachers and pupils are as follows -

  1.  All pupils will benefit from the skills and expertise the specialist coaches bring to our school in both indoor gymnastics/ dance and outdoor games lessons thus aiding them to reach the performance levels they are capable of. An F.A. coach has recently worked with pupils to this end.
  2. Teachers will increase their subject knowledge, competence and confidence in PE through working alongside and observing the specialist teachers; team teaching and coaching has also been encouraged. New knowledge and skills will be shared with colleagues and medium term and long term plans can be modified and enhanced so enabling future pupils to benefit from these improvements in our PE provision.
  3. More able pupils are benefiting from additional expert, intensive coaching and support from specialist teachers at Fareham Sports Partnership. Pupils have taken part in handball, rocketball, agility testing, trampolining, beep tests and Boccia. Facilities at a nearby Secondary school have been utilized.
  4. Additional enrichment activities have taken place for children who are reluctant to take part in PE or do not access sport outside school. These activities are designed to provide enjoyment of PE through fast paced and fun activities in a safe, relaxed atmosphere without the pressure of overly competitive and able pupils. They strive to develop co-ordination, encourage teamwork and improve rolling, throwing and running skills.
  5. Pupils benefit from after-school sports clubs run by external qualified coaches in sports such as the tennis, tag rugby, cricket, fitness and football.
  6. Increased pupil participation in inter-school (level 1) competition and competition with other schools (level 2) through involvement in National Schools games competitions in sports such as basketball, netball, benchball, swimming, badminton and Quad Kids.

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