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Sports Premium Report for 2015 – 2016

Sports Premium Report on Funding 2015-16 and Planned Spend 2016-17


Our school received £9845 for the academic year 2015-16.


To maximise the impact of this funding, the school decided to invest the majority of this allocation in high quality teaching and outcomes for pupils through the use of the Fareham Schools Sports Partnership (SSP). Two specialist staff have worked alongside all teachers for two afternoons per week. One specialist has taught and developed the indoor PE subjects of dance, gymnastics and fitness. The other specialist has taught and developed skills in outdoor games such as hockey, football, tag rugby, basketball, netball and rounders. All children from Y3-Y6 have benefited from the expertise of these teachers and our school staff continue to develop and refine their own teaching skills in these sports.


In addition to this, our most able gymnasts and sports players have benefited from challenge days with high level coaching and specialist staff to develop their skills further while working with other talented pupils from across the year groups. These well planned sessions have enabled pupils to work at the very highest levels within their specialist sports.

A further benefit from the SSP has been the regular provision of after school clubs which have enabled higher numbers of children to take part in a variety of sports such as tag rugby, football, basketball, gymnastics and rounders. These inclusive clubs have been open to all children of all abilities and ages. In addition, the school also runs clubs in cross country, badminton, karate and netball.  All pupils are encouraged to try and then to commit to additional activities.


To enhance PE and sport engagement further, the school has utilised the skills of a local dance teacher this year. This new after school club, which was requested by pupils from the school council, enables children to improve their coordination and fitness through a variety of exciting activities such as skipping, hula hooping and street dance. End of term performances to parents and pupils are a highlight for these pupils.


This year there has been increased participation and success at competitions at inter school level. Our pupils have been able to take part in cross country running where there were notable individual and team successes. The lower school Benchball competition showed teamwork and resilience from our pupils and the final outcome for the Y4 team in winning was most rewarding for them. Many of our younger players were taking part in inter school sport for the first time. Our gymnasts won the area competition for the first time and the Badminton club arranged their own match after their tournament was cancelled. These successes would not have been possible without the Sports Premium which enabled the children to benefit from high level coaching in the specific sports. The school is also making an increasing commitment towards swimming at competitive level in attending three local galas in 2016 (as well as complying with statutory requirements for all pupils in Year5.)


Towards the end of the academic year there will be provision for a day of exciting sporting opportunities aimed at those pupils who do not regularly take part in physical exercise. The aim of this day will be to engage and motivate those pupils who are reluctant or unable to engage in regular extra-curricular sporting activities. This funding is also part of the Sports Premium allocation.


A small amount of funding has enabled the school to purchase PE equipment in order to facilitate skills teaching at a higher level.


Our Sports Premium decisions, priorities and spending are considered in the light of the maximum number of children benefiting. We believe that all pupils need to develop life-long positive attitudes towards physical activities. To be able to achieve this, it is our responsibility to provide the opportunities for children to enjoy and succeed in PE and sporting activities at Primary school.


The staff at Crofton Anne Dale School are excellent ambassadors for promoting sport. The vast majority of staff engage in regular sporting activities themselves and readily discuss the life-long benefits with the pupils. The staff even pay for a Pilates teacher to come into school each week and take an after school session to promote their own well-being and health. This is surely the best model for the children?


For 2016-17, the planned spend and provision will be of a similar nature due to the successes of the Premium this year. The School Council will be involved in the decision making and plans are underway to expand the dance provision through a specialist teacher with a possibility of taking part in the Rock Challenge for the first time in 2017. This is at the request of the pupils. The range of after school clubs will continue and this is now an embedded part of our school provision and culture.

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