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Travelling to School

Travelling to and from School

Children who walk to school Crossing Patrols are on duty in Cuckoo Lane, Bells Lane, the junction of Bells Lane and Cuckoo Lane and in the centre of the village. These patrols are not on duty at lunchtimes.
Children walking to school can enter the school from either Cuckoo Lane itself or by the back gate from Park Lane. Please note, for security the back gate is opened at 8.30am and closed after clubs each day.


Children who cycle to school
Children are not allowed to cycle to school until they have passed the cycling proficiency test, unless accompanied by a parent.


Children brought to school by car 
For safety reasons there is a ruling that parents’ cars may not come into or park on the site, unless picking up a sick child. The only cars allowed are those of employees of Hampshire County Council, governors or helpers in school. Please be considerate of our neighbours when parking.


School Travel Plan
To improve safety, avoid congestion and encourage healthy lifestyles, the school has developed an improvement plan for travel to school.  Click here to view the plan.
As part of this plan children are encouraged to walk to school if at all possible.

If travel by car is unavoidable please consider ‘PARK AND STRIDE’ by parking a little distance from school, such as in the village car park or those of local shops, and finish the journey on foot. A footpath has been provided by the council from the Community Centre across to the school for this purpose.