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Who's Who

Who's who at Crofton Anne Dale Junior School

Teaching staff

Mrs L Phillips

Executive Head


Mrs K Hoebee

Head of School


Mrs K Manley



Miss J Money

Music Manager


Mr R Peplow

PDL Manager

Class - Ash

Miss M Keens History Manager Class - Elm

Miss K Plummer

Art Manager

Class - Oak

Miss K Price

Maths Manager

Class - Acer

Miss S Dichard DT Manager Class - Lime
Miss M Smith Geography Manager Class - Pear
Miss L Spriggs RE Manager Class - Aspen
Miss H Parsons Science Manager Class - Cedar
Miss M Howard SMSC Manager Class - Maple
Mrs L Wright Modern Foreign Languages Manager Class - Maple
Miss S Akthar PE Manager Class - Cherry
Mrs K Jump English Manager Class - Damson
Mrs F George Computing Manager Class - Willow
Mrs H Carter Higher Level Teaching Assistant  

Miss K Good

Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Mrs H Preston Higher Level Teaching Assistant  

Mrs J Steel

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - SEN

Mrs C Stevens Higher Level Teaching Assistant  
Mrs A Thompson Higher Level Teaching Assistant  

Non Teaching Staff

Mrs D Rawson

Finance Officer

Mrs L Clarke

Administrative Officer

Mrs C Scott

Admin Assistant, Librarian,

Supervisory Assistant

Mr M Hobbs

ICT Technician

Ms L Dalglish Family Liaison Officer for the Crofton Cluster
Mrs D Price Pastoral Leader

Miss S Harper


Mrs M Groves Learning Support Assistant
Supervisory Assistant
Mrs K Halewood  Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Hodgson Learning Support Assistant
Supervisory Assistant

Mrs L Huckle

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Livingstone Teaching Assistant
​Supervisory Assistant

Mrs C Neild

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Pickles

Learning Support Assistant

Supervisory Assistant

Mrs F Robinson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Simpson

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs M Sutcliffe

Teaching Assistant
Senior Supervisory Assistant

Mr D Mann Site Manager
Mr G Knight Site Assistant

Mrs J Coppin

Supervisory Assistant

Mrs J Evans Supervisory Assistant
Miss A Frampton Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Hayter Supervisory Assistant

Mrs C Hibbard

Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Y Lloyd

Supervisory Assistant

Miss S Skinner Supervisory Assistant

Mrs B Taylor

Supervisory Assistant

Mrs S Carr Cleaner
Mrs Y Gunther Cleaner
Mrs J Thomas Cleaner
Miss R Thomas Cleaner